30,000 bulk payouts
User friendly dashboard
APIs and dashboard solutions

Plural Payout Features Built for Enterprises

Bulk Payouts

Add up to 30,000 beneficiaries and make payouts instantly with our Plural payouts services.

Instant Transfers

Make payouts in real-time and beneficiaries instantly
on dashboard and through APIs. No wait time, no delays.

Payouts to Multiple Destinations

Plural by Pine Labs

Payouts to Cards

Transfer money to any tokenized debit or credit card instantly

Plural by Pine Labs

Payouts to UPI or Wallet

Choose to send money to the receiver’s desired UPI destination or wallet

Plural by Pine Labs

Payouts to Bank Accounts

Transfer money to the receiver’s bank account via NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS.

Other Features of Plural Payouts

Multiple payment modes

Make payouts to bank accounts, UPI, card and wallets.

Scheduled payouts

Schedule payouts within 1 hour to 365 days as per your business needs.


Ensure your payouts are fool-proof with our inbuilt approval flows.


Define as many user roles and have full control over your payout.


Successful payouts for you with our auto-retry.

Real-time updates

Get updates real time with webhooks and dashboard notifications.

Payout Links

Initiate refunds instantly with best in class features.

SMS to Payees

We send SMS to your payees on every successful payout.

Add and Pay instantly

Add beneficiary and initiate payouts in less than a minute.

Payouts 24*7

Make payouts round the clock including holidays and weekends.

User-friendly dashboard

Add funds, track and reconcile, get real-time reports, search options and more.

High success rate

Automatic bank and VPA verification to ensure successful payouts, everytime.

Integrate with our APIs for Seamless Payouts

Automation of payouts at its best.

The Perfect Automated Payout Solution

Loan Disbursal Made Easy

Automated Payouts

No more manual effort with Plural’s automated payouts.

Payouts to Any Destination

To the receiver’s bank account/UPI or wallet even on bank holidays.

In-Depth Insights

Real-time analytics all within your dashboard to make business decisions.

Ideal for Vendor Payouts

Bulk Payouts

Add up to 30,000 beneficiaries for easy bulk payments.

No Bank Holidays

Make money transfers to vendors’ bank accounts, wallets or UPI even on bank holidays.

Payee Confirmation

Get SMS confirmation once the vendors receive the payment on your Plural dashboard.

Use-Cases for Payouts



Cashback and Initiatives



Plural Pricing Advantage

We offer the most affordable and competitive pricing in the market with custom pricing option based on your volumes.

What Makes Plural Payouts Solution Unique?

Dashboard UX

The most merchant-centric user experience design backed by design research.

GST payment

Automated GST payment via ICICI integration for payout.

Payouts Insights

Designed for end-to-end processing insights and metrics on dashboard.

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated support for resolution within minutes.

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