A robust and secure payment gateway ideal for Indian businesses, built to easily support large volumes of transactions with zero compromises on customer experience.

Pay by Points
Affordability Suite

Plural Payment Gateway’s
Impressive Features

Quick onboarding
Multiple integration modes
UPI intent flow
Industry-best commercials
Developer-friendly APIs
Third-party validation (TPV)
Instant tracking and Recon
Convenience fee configuration
100+ payment methods
Late authorisation
Convenient settlements
High security

What Makes Plural’s Payment Gateway Unique?

Boost sales and expand your customer base with our Affordability Suite including EMI and Pay Later.

Backed by Powerful

Easy integrations with developer-friendly APIs and multiple integration modes:


Integrations with popular

Go live in minutes. Plural payment gateway integrates with popular platforms like Shopify Plus, Woocommerce, Cordova, OpenCart and Magento to get you started right away.

Plural Solutions for Every Industry

Plural offers customised solutions catering to every industry need.

Consumer Electronics

Big purchases affordable to more customers with the Affordability Suite


Offer EMIs on course fees and get more enrolled!


Bank on Plural’s payment gateway for transactions with high success rates


Offer discounts, cashbacks, brand EMIs & more

Hotels & Travel

Bookings and reservations made easy


High volume transactions handled with ease

Food Delivery

Create coupon codes with discounts your customers will love

OTT Companies

Subscriptions and auto-renewals with zero hassles

Checkout in Just 2 Clicks

Boost conversions with Plural’s 2-click payment gateway
checkout that is intuitive, complete with the best

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