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Plural by Pine Labs

Payment Gateway

A powerful and secure payment gateway to collect payments in seconds.

Plural by Pine Labs

Intent Flow

Eliminate app switching and make payments seamless for your customers.

Plural by Pine Labs


Enable recurring payments with the fastest-growing payment method.

Plural by Pine Labs

UPI Switch

An industry-first end-to-end solution for your business to adopt all UPI-based product offerings such as QR, IPO, OD, Links, Autopay, and more.

Plural by Pine Labs

UPI DeepLinks

The simplest payment link experience to collect payments across WhatsApp and more.

Benefits of UPI Payment Offerings with Plural

First to adopt new UPI features

Adopt the latest UPI offerings by NPCI
with UPI Switch.

Bigger customer base

Reach customers who do not have cards with the fastest growing payment method.

Lower drop-off and cart abandons

With UPI Intent Flow, customers never have to switch between apps to make payments, leading to lower drop-offs and cart abandons.

Increased revenue

Lower drop-offs means more purchases which means more revenue for your business.

Better user experience

Offer your customers a seamless payment experience with UPI and build trust.

Simplest way to collect payments

With UPI DeepLinks collects payments from anywhere, go live in 48 hours.

Accept Payments from All Popular UPI Apps

UPI DeepLinks

Plural by Pine LabsCollect payments instantly on WhatsApp without VPA
Plural by Pine LabsGo live in 48 hours
Plural by PinelabsReduce fraud
Plural by Pine LabsGet notifications and reports

Plural pricing advantage

We offer the most affordable and competitive pricing in the market with custom pricing options based on your volumes.

Our Library

Welcome to the UPIverse

In 2022, UPI processed over 74 billion transactions, worth Rs. 125.94 trillion, a record high since its inception in 2016 

Case studies from the UPIverse: Pickrr and ShareChat

Pickrr, a Delhi-NCR based start-up, is a fast-growing logistics marketplace aggregator that offers end-to-end delivery services until the last mile. 

UPI AutoPay and its benefits for businesses

PI AutoPay is where these two significant payment trends meet. In this blog, we explain what UPI AutoPay is and its benefits for businesses and consumers with recurring payment needs.

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