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Plural Payment Gateway’s Impressive Features for your Shopify Store

Plural by Pinelabs100+ Payment Methods
Plural by PinelabsMultiple Integration Modes
Plural by PinelabsThird-Party Validation (TPV)
Plural by PinelabsLate Authorization
Plural by PinelabsUPI Intent Flow
Plural by PinelabsInstant Tracking & Decon Dashboards
Plural by PinelabsConvenient Settlements
Plural by PinelabsIndustry-best Commercials
Plural by PinelabsConvenience Fee Configuration
Plural by PinelabsHigh Security

Integrations with Popular Platforms

Get set and go live in minutes! Plural integrates with popular platforms like Magento, Shopify and Woocommerce to get started right away!

Our Library

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