Multiple payment methods
Share via SMS, email and Instagram
Fully customisable payment links
Rent collection from anywhere in India

Plural Features Suitable for Rent Collection

100+ payment methods
Multiple integration modes
Bulk and partial payments
Plural Links for quick collection
APIs and Webhooks
Seamless integrations
Fully customisable payment links
Easy-to-use dashboard

How to Collect Rent Online with Plural Links

1. Go to the Payment Links tab on your Plural Dashboard.

2. Click on the ‘Create Payment Link’ option.

3. Fill our customer information and amount requested.

4. Click ‘ Submit’.

… and you’re done!

Get Paid your Way with Fully Customisable Payment Links

Customisable payment fields: Customise payment links with relevant information for your customer
Customisable email: Add your logo, branding and information
Custom dashboard view: Choose what information you want to see
Customisable payment options: Show only those payment options relevant to your customers and business

Benefits for Your Business with Customizable Payment Links

Build Customer Loyalty

Convey Trust and Transparency

Enhanced Customer Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

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