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How can you build the most frictionless payments journey for your customers?

So you are a successful e-commerce business with thousands of daily transactions and aiming to push up profitability (because more profits = bigger year-end bonuses ????). Or maybe you have just given your side hustle the attention that it deserved and gone live with your website for the very first time (Kudos on that)! ????????

Do you know what the common thread between both these scenarios is? Your checkout process can Make or Break the customer experience! That is what separates a good customer journey from a GREAT one. While it may seem easy to build the checkout, various nuances can impede or enable you to scale. These aspects are particular to each industry segment, category, product type, average transaction value and the kind of experience you are trying to build. The right payments partner can go a long way in providing you with various payment options and helping you create the right payment experience for your customers.

While this may seem like a daunting task, the good news for you is that India fintech and payments space is ripe with a plethora of options. As a merchant, you are spoilt for choice! The offerings may seem commoditized and similar to each other, with each Payment Gateway providing almost the same features and capabilities. However, specific nuances differentiate each offering from the other. And this is where it gets complicated- How do you select your payment partner that can help you attain your desired payment experience? ????

We have a 5 Point Toolkit (in no particular order) to help you nudge in the right direction

· Transaction Success Rates(TSR) ????

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing that loading icon go away and reading the message of ‘Transaction Success’ on your webpage (except Salt Bae in action). Healthy TSR is the bedrock for your ecomm success story! And that is precisely why you need a payment partner with direct pipes with networks, rock-solid integrations with banks and optimizations to provide industry-leading success rates. This ensures a smooth payment experience and a successful customer journey

· Unified customer journeys ????

Having all your payment needs under one roof creates a homogenized and harmonized payments ecosystem; Payment Gateway, Routing between PGs, Payouts and mobile checkout products make up the complete suite of solutions for your business irrespective of scale. Supporting all payment methods is essential and supported across the industry. However, the cherry on the cake is providing alternate payment options such as EMI, Affordability, BNPL, and PaybyPoints which are essential to creating a robust payment experience and a truly unified journey!

· Rapid Integrations ????

If time is money, then fast integrations are ATM! We understand your need to get going ASAP. Hence working with APIs that you can configure and go live with right away is crucial. Every growing online business has a tech crunch today. Hence while evaluating your payment partner, you should estimate the time to integrate with their APIs. While comprehensive API documentation is the industry norm, proactive Tech support for query resolution from the payment partner is a crucial point. While evaluating your payment partner, you must consider and understand the support provided to you

· Find your Partner of Success ????

Because life is not only about API integrations! A versatile and supportive payment partner can go a long way in providing you with customized solutions.

– Settlement period

– Adherence to TATs for query resolutions

– Handling of refunds and chargebacks

– Settlement of funds

The points above determine the amount of effort your Operations team will have to put in to ensure smooth sailing. Support on all these counts is essential and crucial. Else these operational hassles can suck your bandwidth, attention and focus away from the core business

The right payment partner can help save your bandwidth in operations and be a true partner of your growth story.

· Cost Optimization ????

The most sustainable partnerships are the ones that complement each other (read Mac & Cheese). And your business needs the right solution while ensuring the right costs for each payment mode. While you do try your best to get the most bang out of your back on all spends, the MDR and PG commercials are always a tricky affair! Transparent pricing and volume-based rates help clarify and market parity to what you are paying for.

This was our two cents on helping you decide your payment partner and sharpening the Edge of your customer payment experience. If you think any of these points resonate with what you are looking for, wait until you get to know us more!

Customers define our success! We truly believe in this mantra and our strong focus on customer centricity caters to every requirement of our customers. From bespoke integrations to the fastest TATs on issues, we create the most customer-friendly support to ensure all challenges are solved in the fastest time for our customers!

From industry-leading Transaction success rates to a unified payments stack (PG, Routing solution, Payouts, Recurring Payments, EMI suite, BNPL) — we have carefully and painstakingly curated the perfect experience for your end customers. And we enable all this via a Single Integration to save your time and tech bandwidth via straightforward APIs.

Our super-fast TATs and instant query redressal help merchants focus on their growth. And our ever-improving MDR rates help save costs per transaction

We would be happy to understand what optimizations you are looking for?

Say Hello to the new Plurality of Payments! ????????

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