Plural Payouts: Built for BIG!

Recent research by Tug found that over 50% of businesses consider payment solutions critical to their business however, an astounding 9 out of 10 businesses have payment-related issues!

Issues businesses are facing with their existing payment solutions:

  • Time consuming (39%)
  • Prone to human error (33%)
  • Lack innovation (28%)
  • Lack technical training (25%)
  • Poor customer service and support (20%)

In addition to these issues, other pain-points include:

  • Bulk payouts processing limitations
  • Complex and expensive API solutions
  • Single banking partner dependency
  • Reconciliation difficulty and delays

The last thing large businesses should bother with is payments! That’s where we step in. Plural payouts is an enterprise friendly payouts solution. From making vendor payouts, employee salaries automating disbursement of loans, commission payment to agents, refunds to customers and much more.

What makes Plural Payouts different from others?

We are built for BIG! We understand enterprise businesses, and the importance of volume and scale in payments. That’s why, Plural Payouts is built with features that matter most to enterprises.

Bulk payouts

From vendor payments to cashbacks and refunds to payments to thousands of delivery staff and employees, Plural Payouts handles all with ease. Instantly transfer or schedule bulk payouts in one go. Make bulk payouts even if there are invalid records in a file, by ensuring that valid transfers go through.

Instant Fund Transfers

Make payouts in real-time and add beneficiaries instantly with Plural Payouts on dashboard and through APIs. No wait time, no delays.

High success rates

Plural Payouts enables automatic bank account and virtual payment address (VPA) verification thereby ensuring that funds are deposited into valid bank accounts and high success rates for your business.

Analytics and in-depth data for better decision-making

A single dashboard gives you access to analytics and a view of your payout transactions to make better decisions.

Additionally, you will receive reconciliation support for failed and invalid transfers so that you always know which transfer failed out of hundreds of payments, and why.

Other features include:

  • Multiple payment modes: Pay to bank, UPI, card and wallets
  • Payout links: Share Payout links with customers, vendors and partners who can add their bank/UPI details and receive payouts instantly.
  • Maker-checker flow: Eliminate transactional risks by enabling a maker-checker flow
  • Split payments: Split marketplace payments to multiple vendors or stakeholders

Use-cases for payouts

Which industries can use payouts?

  • Lending companies
  • Hyperlocal services —Grocery/ Food delivery, bike hailing
  • E-commerce, D2C — Retail products and services
  • Tech-inclined companies who are looking to automating vendor payouts and salary payouts

Wrapping up

Plural Payouts is a solution built to easily manage large volumes of transactions.

At present, Plural Payouts is available as a dashboard solution but will soon be available with APIs. Look out for easy-to-integrate, developer friendly APIs to make 24*7 refunds and payouts to customers, partners and vendors with better UX – COMING SOON!

Also coming soon are low-code and no-code solutions to help your business!

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Plural by Pine Labs has received an in-principle authorisation from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to operate as a Payment Aggregator.

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