Benefits for your business with customisable payment links

Convey trust and transparency
Build customer loyalty
Enhance customer experience

The most user-friendly
payment links solution in the industry

Partial payments
Bulk payments
Multiple payment methods
Webhooks notifications
Seamless integrations
Fully customisable
Easy-to-use dashboard

An easy-to-use dashboard to create a payment link and do much more.


One product, plural solutions

Payment collection at retail stores
Utilities and bill payments
Collection via chatbots
Student fees
Loan and EMIs
Rent insurance premiums
Cash-on-delivery (COD)
Collection via tele sales

Our Library

Plural Links: Your payment solution to build trust with your customers

Payment links via SMS or WhatsApp have emerged as the front runner in contactless payments in the second

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Frequently asked questions

What are payment links?

How can I generate a payment link?

Can payment link be shared through SMS or Whatsapp?

Are payment links secure?

Can I create payment links in bulk?

What are payment links?

Payment Links enables businesses to accept payments from their customers by simply sending a payment collection link via email or SMS. This is a no-code solution for businesses to collect payments even without a website or an app.

How can I generate a payment link?

To generate a payment link, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Payment Links tab on your Plural Dashboard
  • Click on the 'Create Payment Link' option
  • Fill our customer information and amount requested
  • Click ‘ Submit’

...and you’re done!

Can payment link be shared through SMS or Whatsapp?

Yes, absolutely. You can share a payment link through SMS, Whatsapp, Instagram, email or any social media platform.

Are payment links secure?

Yes! Plural payment links are backed by the security and safety of Plural.

Can I create payment links in bulk?

Yes, you can create payment links in bulk with the bulk upload feature. You can upload a CSV file containing the list of customers, amount requested and their contact details and send the requests in one go.

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