PharmEasy x Plural: A Prescription for Success 

“If you make a sale, you can make a living. If you make an investment of time and good service in a customer, you can make a fortune.” 

– Jim Rohn, Author and Motivational Speaker 

About PharmEasy 

PharmEasy is a consumer healthcare app that provides customers with on-demand healthcare products and services such as medicines, comprehensive diagnostic test services, and teleconsultations. 

PharmEasy is one of India’s leading digital healthcare platforms and marketplace for all pharma products, valued at $2.8 billion. 

The aim is “To provide affordable healthcare to one and all” 

PharmEasy and Plural 

PharmEasy has been a Plural customer for close to a year. PharmEasy has adopted Plural’s payment gateway via the Juspay integration to collect payments made through credit and debit cards.  

While it’s no surprise that India has embraced UPI as a payment method, recent data from RBI shows a surprising significant increase in credit card payments, even higher than debit card transactions! In April alone, India witnessed 25 crore credit card transactions (both online and offline) as against 22 crore debit card transactions – a first for a debit-card using nation (source). 

Adoption of credit cards in India (in crores)

Source: RBI 

Speaking strictly of the online payments landscape, the volume of credit card payments in April 2023 was over 81 crore while debit cards stood at 16 crore (source). 

Therefore, for the growing card transactions, PharmEasy sought out a reliable payment gateway. Before adopting Plural’s product, PharmEasy had multiple payment gateways integrated. 

However, the results PharmEasy has seen with our payment gateway have been tremendous. 

The results with Plural Gateway 

In addition to this, PharmEasy has been pleased with the dedicated support from Plural. With a turnaround time (TAT) of 3 – 4 hours for resolution and expert customer support, it’s an easy choice. For PharmEasy, this means: 

  • Faster resolution for their customers 
  • Low to no downtime 
  • Improved customer experience on the PharmEasy platform 
  • High customer satisfaction therefore brand loyalty 

While PharmEasy is currently using Plural’s payment gateway to collect card payments, soon they will start accepting UPI payments as well. UPI needs no introduction. In 2022-23 alone, India made 8000 crore UPI transactions – that’s about 2400 UP transactions per second! This number is projected to grow to 18000 crore by 2026 (source). PharmEasy can bank on Plural’s robust payment gateway to collect UPI payments. 

“We chose Plural as our preferred partner due to their high success rates, which led to happy customers and lower costs – a big win.” – Ankit Jain, PharmEasy 

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