Case studies from the UPIverse: Pickrr and ShareChat

How did Pickrr’s conversion rate skyrocket almost instantly?

How did ShareChat’s transactions grow from ₹1 lakh to ₹2.5 crores?

One answer. Setu’s UPI DeepLinks.

It is a UPI-based solution that enables merchants to embed UPI payments on WhatsApp and other popular platforms to collect payments from customers easily.

Setu’s UPI DeepLinks is an important offering in the UPIverse that we’ve built. We launched UPIverse this month and we’re excited to have success stories from two popular brands. The UPIverse is a universe of UPI offerings from Plural and Setu. This includes:

  • UPI Autopay
  • UPI Intent flow
  • UPI DeepLinks by Setu
  • UPI Switch by Setu

Read more about UPIverse here.

Now, on to our success stories.


About Pickrr

Pickrr, a Delhi-NCR based start-up, is a fast-growing logistics marketplace aggregator that offers end-to-end delivery services until the last mile. Their online platform empowers businesses to mobilise logistics, track shipments, collect payments and generate reports.

Pickrr’s need of the hour

Pickrr’s need was for a fast checkout which would complement their internal systems and offer a smooth shopping experience to their end users.

A typical user journey on any eCommerce website or application would look somewhat like this.

The problem

  1. Pickrr’s checkout had multiple clicks, leading to drop-offs and therefore low success rates
  2. Pickrr needed a robust payment system with fast checkout

The solution

Pickrr built Fastrr, a robust, frictionless one-click checkout for eCommerce brands. Fastrr is built on Setu’s UPI DeepLinks, a solution that enables merchants to embed UPI payments on WhatsApp and other popular platforms to collect payments from customers easily.

With UPI DeepLinks, Pickrr could simply embed a UPI payment button directly on the product with pre-defined data like amount to be paid. With a single tap, all UPI apps are populated, an OTP is sent to the user that auto-fills the user’s address and the user can easily checkout in just one click!

Since this integration with UPI DeepLinks, Pickrr has seen much higher conversions than the average payment gateway.

“Payments is a very critical area for ecommerce brands and we’ve have been struggling while working with payment gateways with complex integrations and countless payment methods. With Setu’s UPI DeepLinks, we could build an amazing one-click checkout experience that powers customers payments for all our merchants. Integrating with Setu’s UPI stack was swift, and it helped us launch in just a couple of weeks.”

Yashvika Mittal, Product Marketing Manager at Pickrr

You can read the full story here.


About ShareChat

ShareChat is an Indian social media platform built in 2015 in Bangalore. While all major social media platforms are in English, ShareChat soon realised the potential in vernacular languages and thus Moj was born. Moj allows creators to create and publish content in regional languages. Moj also allows users to purchase and send virtual gifts to their favourite creators.

Today, Moj has over 150 million downloads.

The problem

Since buying and sending virtual gifts is an important feature on Moj, payments become essential.

  1. The existing payment gateways are confusing, have too many payment options and long payment journeys
  2. They were unable to customise payment journeys based on each cohort of their users
  3. The existing payment gateway fees was high

The solution

Using Setu’s UPI DeepLinks, ShareChat built a one-click UPI checkout which powers 65% of all transactions on the app.

Value of monthly UPI transactions grew from ₹1 lakh in March 2021 to ₹2.5 crores today!

Sagar, Head of Payments, ShareChat said,

“With Setu, we were able to build a personalised payment checkout experience for multiple user cohorts while offering the best success rates in the industry.”

You can read the full story here.

Now it’s your turn

If you’ve been inspired by these success stories, take that step to power your business with offerings in the UPIverse. UPIverse is your go-to platform for all things UPI. Think UPI, think Plural.

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