Plural Checkout
Plural Checkout

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Plural Checkout makes sure your customers spend more time adding to cart and less time navigating a lengthy online checkout process

Amping up your success rates >

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    Auto-OTP processing

    Reads OTPs automatically so your customers can zoom through the checkout process.

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    Auto and manual reload when page load fails

    Reloads stalled pages automatically or gives the customer the option to do so.

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    Remember Net banking User ID

    When you have a repeat customer, Plural Checkout auto-fills their Net Banking user ID within your app.

2 clicks from start to finish

Cross-compatible with every platform out there >

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    Android & iOS compatible

    Works with both Android or IOS operating systems, giving you flexibility across major platforms.

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    Contextual keypad display

    Make checkouts even faster by selecting the relevant alphanumeric or number keypad automatically

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    Auto-zoom & auto-scroll

    Plural Checkout zooms into bank pages automatically, so your customer can swiftly enter their details.

Integration that’s easy! >

With RESTful APIs and well documented SDKs, Plural Checkout integrates easily with all major platforms and languages

FAQs >

Got a question? Find answers to your query below.

  • What is Plural Checkout?

    Plural Checkout is a mobile SDK which enables the merchant to use Gateway/Console on their mobile app for checkout. It also provides optimisations like auto OTP reader and dynamic keypad which helps improve the customer conversion during a payment transaction.

  • What are Plural Checkout SDK's key offerings?

    Plural’s Checkout SDK makes sure your customers spend more time adding to cart and less time navigating a lengthy online checkout process. Our checkout SDKs have an auto-OTP processing, auto-zoom and auto-scroll, and a contextual keypad display mechanism so your customers can zoom through the checkout process and swiftly enter their details.

  • How can I start using Plural Checkout?

    You can sign up on the Plural to access Plural’s test environment to start integrating right away! Once you have signed up, a representative from team Plural will get in touch with you and help you complete your onboarding process, which includes collecting documentation as well as confirming pricing. You can visit our Developer Portal to learn more with our Onboarding & User Management guide.

  • What kinds of mobile SDKs are available under Plural?

    Plural has iOS and Android compatible SDKs, giving you flexibility across both major platforms.

  • What is the pricing for Plural Checkout?

    Plural offers a simple pricing plan to all prospective merchants for the services they avail. You can get started with your onboarding by signing up on Plural or by submitting the contact us form on the Plural website. A member of the Plural team will get in touch with you.

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